Brisbane, Australia
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If you are at all interested in walking the wild, this CD is without doubt the best of its kind in Australia. It is a truly impressive resource. Wild Walks is the  most beautiful and moving software title I have ever seen. It is not just good by Australian standards but by any standard. Sydney Morning Herald
Rankin shows just how effective a CD-ROM can be as a visual showcase. The Australian
This software is available by itself or as part of the Classic Wild Walks of Australia book and software package. This package is described in detail on the Wilderness Books page. It is suitable for the Windows platform only. 
The CD-ROM features 600 pictures from the wildest regions of Australia with overlays of place names and walking routes with detailed notes on routes, access, camping, history, geology and much more. Weather and Snow Data let you plan your trip for the best season. The included Route Profiler software allows you to plot traverses across Australia’s most rugged mountains. Maps of each region with hotspots allows you to see the actual landscape of the maps while the Visual Explorer lets you roam through the landscape using a series of linked photographs. A collection of articles provides a huge amount of additional background information. The CD-ROM requires Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 or 10.
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Classic Wild Walks of Australia Software
(for Windows)   (AUD$19.95)
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CD-ROM Windows Version only, 190x130mm, 0.20kg, 2006
ISBN 978-0-9592418-5-3
The Arthur Ranges, South-West Tasmania