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Einstein's Relativity (AUD$19.95)
(Paperback, 160 pages, 210x145mm, 0.40kg, 2011
ISBN 978-0-9592418-7-7)

It has been said that during his scientific life, Albert Einstein was able to explain the links between light and time, time and space, energy and matter, matter and space, and space and gravitation-a massive achievement by any standards. By those who knew him in later life he is remembered lecturing on his current interests and problems in an old sweater and slippers without socks. Einstein was never one to be interested in personal presentation or conformity and it is probably these personal traits that allowed his mind to be completely absorbed by the current scientific problem. Mostly he never had any idea what was socially expected of a man who had become a legend well within his own time.

Einstein's theory of relativity is now firmly embedded in the foundations of modern physics and will continue to fascinate researchers and people in general with its strange implications, re-enforcing the view that the workings of our world are very seldom what they first appear to be.

This book explains Einstein's theory of relativity, which pervades our entire world, in gradual steps, carefully explaining each building block of the theory, so that ultimately the disturbing implications of this all-encompassing theory become apparent.

The challenge in writing Einstein's Relativity was to produce a comprehendible and readable document on one of the most difficult scientific concepts of all time.
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Diagrams from Einstein's Relativity
Einstein's Relativity is written for those who have a desire to come to grips with one of the most famous, but least understood, theories in science but are reluctant to undertake a full physics degree.

Rankin has a Masters in environmental physics, but his previous publications have been collections of wilderness photographs. In Einstein's Relativity he provides a detailed introduction to the mathematics of special relativity so that the conceptual side of general relativity can be better understood. (Australasian Science, 2011)
This is a very impressive achievement. I know only too well the challenges of putting together clear and succinct prose that properly captures the abstract, and usually mathematically-based ideas, of modern physics.
Dr James Cresser, Senior Lecturer, Dept of Physics and Astronomy, Macquarie University, 2012.
Not too heavy, not too light. Dr Albert Orr, retired academic.
I have fifty books on physics on my shelf. Your explanation of relativity is the best I have read so far.
Your book is an absolute cracker. I've read a fair bit about this topic but I'd say that your treatment of the topic is the best I've read and, amazingly, it dealt with a couple of questions I've had for a long time.
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