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Six Tracks
To the Far Horizon - Somewhere over the far horizon lie the vast landscapes of Australia's wilderness
Ocean Sunrise - A subdued pre-dawn, followed by the intense light of the rising sun leads to a more placid finale as the spectacle of the dawn subsides into the new day
Sandblow - Sandblows occur where strong ocean breezes carry dry beach sand inland to form small deserts of undulating dunes.
Lamington Rainforests - Rain showers, ethereal mists and the wild rapids of a fast flowing mountain stream are some of the striking features of the rainforest
Purnululu - The monolithic structure of the Bungle Bungles rises abruptly from the surrounding Kimberley plains at Purnululu
The Kimberley (a) A vast land (b) Crossing the Kimberley
Five Tracks
Kakadu Plains - From the top of the Arnhemland Escarpment at Jim Jim Falls, the broad plains of Kakadu stretch past the wetlands and billabongs to the distant horizon.
Over the Snowies - Imagine yourself climbing to the highest peaks of the Snowy Mountains and then gliding effortlessly on skis down rolling slopes of vivid white.
Morning Twilight - The early morning bird chorus begins in earnest at the first hint of light - well before the sun rises.
Walking the Western Arthurs - A steady rhythmic melody creating the atmosphere of a walk along this craggy range in Tasmania where occasional harsh storms strike with little notice.
Lake Oberon - The deep, mysterious and still waters of Lake Oberon, a glacial lake in the Western Arthur Range, is reflected in the sombre mood of this composition.
Five Tracks
Kata Tjuta - the spectacular wilderness icon of central Australia
Bogong's Mountain Creek - a wild snow capped peak in the Victorian Alps and the creek fed by its melting snows
Warrawilla Lagoon - a lagoon at the mouth of picturesque Warrawilla Creek at the base of Mount Bowen on spectacular Hinchinbrook Island of north Queensland
Remember Pedder - Before being flooded for hydro-electric purposes Lake Pedder was the jewel of Tasmania's South West
Sojourn on Zoe - Zoe Bay is a large crescent-shaped and secluded bay in the centre of Hinchinbrook Island's east coast. With waterfalls cascading from the mountains, gentle surf lapping its shore and nearby Mount Bowen towering like a castle, it is an ideal spot to pause awhile.
Eagle over Barney - Mount Barney , in southern Queensland, is one of Australia's most rocky and spectacular peaks and is a mecca for walkers and climber who enjoy a challenge.
Four Tracks
Beech Forest
Main Range
Moonlight Sonata (Beethoven)
Wild Land Soundtrack from the video of the same name, now out of stock.


. . . This compact disc of 42 minutes' length contains six pieces of synthesized electronic music composed and mostly played by Robert Rankin. The sounds and mood of the oceans and rainforests, the desert and the mountains are reflected upon in New Age style. The reproduction of waves rolling on top of one another in Ocean Sunrise was very realistic. The thunderstorms breaking in Lamington Rainforests followed by the birds announcing the sun brought a smile to my face as I recollected pleasant walks in similar places. . . Wild Magazine 1994


It is great to see our magnificent wild places inspiring a response in music. . .

. . . Robert Rankin is already well known as a wilderness photographer. His music, using sound recordings and synthesizer, is in quiet, reflective mood and gives a restful ambience. Tracks are inspired by particular wild places - Kata Tjuta, Mt Bogong, Hinchinbrook Island, Lake Pedder and Mt Barney; and Rankin's fine pictures of these places accompany the CD.  Wild Magazine 1997
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The Hamersley Ranges (WA)