Brisbane, Australia
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7 classic Australian places you should visit before you get too old.
1. HINCHINBROOK ISLAND   There are countless places to visit on this tropical paradise but Little Ramsay Bay or Nina Bay, and the Thumb and Thumb Saddle on Mount Bowen are some of the best. (Q) 
2. MOUNT BARNEY A spectacular rocky mountain 1351 metres high with a myriad of ascent routes but Leaning Ridge is considered the airiest. Rock climbing and abseiling skills required. (Q)
3. LAMINGTON NATIONAL PARK   Land of a thousand waterfalls and home to superb sub-tropical rainforest. The Coomera Gorge displays the best cascades. (Q) 
4. THE SNOWY MOUNTAINS The highest ranges in Australia with Mount Townsend being the stand-out peak to climb, Mount Kosciuszko (the highest peak in Australia) being unspectacular and too close to access points. (NSW)
5. WESTERN ARTHUR RANGE   The best of Australia's alpine scenery with a combination of craggy peaks and alpine lakes seen nowhere else on the continent. (Tas)
6. BUNGLE BUNGLES   Near the entrance to the narrow Piccaninny Gorge in the Bungle Bungles of the Kimberley, this icy pool lies in a secluded alcove amongst high cliffs. (WA)
7. KAKADU   The Arnhemland Escarpment is no more dramatic than at Jim Jim and Twin Falls and the views from the top are expansive. (NT)